Chronology of Tanjung Priok tragedy Eyewitness Bloody 1984 by Ust. Abdul Qadir Djaelani

Chronology of Tanjung Priok tragedy Eyewitness Bloody 1984 by Ust. Abdul Qadir Djaelani

Abdul Qadir Djaelani is one of the scholars who were accused by the authorities as one of the masterminds of Tanjung Priok incident. Therefore, he was arrested and put in jail. As a scholar and public figure Tanjung Priok, in a chronology of events he knew Tanjung Priok. Here are excerpts of the testimony of Abdul Qadir Djaelani the Tanjung Priok incident 12 September 1984, which is written in defense exception entitled “Enemies of Islam Conduct Attack on Indonesian Muslims”.

Tanjung Priok, Saturday, September 8, 1984

Two officers Koramil (non-commissioned officer) without open shoes, entered the mosque as-Sa’adah in alley IV Koja, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. Those announcements flush-mounted wall mosque with sewer water (sewer). Announcement of the invitation was just a teen study Islam (mosques) in Jalan Sindang. Tanjung Priok, Sunday, 9 September 1984 Events on Saturday (8 September 1984) at the mosque as-Sa’adah became public talks without any effort from the authorities to offer penyelesaan the congregation of the Muslims. Tanjung Priok, Monday, September 10, 1984 Several members of the mosque as worshipers-Sa’adah ran into one of the officers who fouled Koramil their mosque. An argument erupted that eventually dilerai mouth by two men from Baitul Makmur Mosque congregation who happened to pass by. They suggested that all parties requested mediation RW, accepted. While efforts penegahan sedang.berlangsung, people who are not responsible and had nothing to do with the problem, burn it Koramil motorcycle officer. District Military Command, who requested assistance by Koramil, sent an army and immediately make arrests. 4 people joined worshipers caught, of whom including the Chairman as-Sa’adah mosque.

Tanjung Priok, Tuesday, September 11, 1984

Amir Biki contact the relevant authorities to request the release of four men who were detained by the District Military Command pilgrims, who believed in his innocence. Amir Biki role need not be surprising, because as one of the leaders of post 66, he was the one who believed all concerned parties to arbitrate if there is a problem between the rulers (military) and society. Amir Biki attempt to ask for justice proved futile.

Tanjung Priok, Wednesday, September 12, 1984

In such a challenging environment, study shows teens Sindang Islam in Jalan Raya, which was planned long before the mosque incident as-Sa’adah, also continued. The lecturer was not included Amir Biki, who did not preachers and does not ever want to climb the pulpit. However, against the backdrop of a series of events in the previous days, the congregation urged him to ascend the pulpit sermons and giving instructions. On the occasion of the speech, said Amir Biki, among others, “Let us prove solidarity Islamiyah.

We ask our friends who were detained in the District Military Command. They are not guilty. We protest job elements ABRI’s irresponsible. We reserve the right to defend the truth even though we bear the risk. If they are not exempt then we must protest. “Furthermore, Amir Biki said,” We should not ruin anything! If adayang damage in the middle of the trip, meaning it’s not our group (which is not, and our congregation). “When the pilgrims set off study is divided in two: part towards the police station and partly to the District Military Command.

After arriving at the police station, about 200 meters away kia, there has been intercepted by military forces in a war dressed posse position with automatic weapons in hand. Arriving pilgrims recitation to that place, the military heard shouting, “Backward-retreat!” Shouts “retreat-retreat” was welcomed by the congregation yelled, “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! “When the military took two steps, then spewing automatic weapons with the goal of teaching the pilgrims who were in front of them, for about thirty minutes. Recitation and lay worshipers screaming hysterically; several hundred Muslims fell into a martyr. In fact, there are military members who shouted, “Fuck! The bullet discharged. The dogs are still a lot! “More cruel still, they are not dead yet kicked-kick and if it is still moving then shot another to death.

Not long after came the big two-wheeler truck in ten high-speed full force. Of the big truck that spewed bullets and automatic weapons to target the pilgrims who were crouching and hiding in the roadside. Even more terrifying, big truck was running in the current study worshipers get down on the highway, crushing those who have not been shot or shot, but have not had time to get away from the highway that passed by the truck. Screams and the sound of broken bones and crushed cars run over by a large truck terdengarjelas by Muslim pilgrims got-got/selokan-selokan which lay on the side of the road.

After that, large trucks that stop and get off the militaries to take the bodies writhing and threw it into the truck, throw a burlap sack like it. Two big truck full of dead bodies or people who have been shot are arranged like a burlap sack.

After a large truck filled with corpses of pilgrims recitation was gone, not long after came the ambulances and fire trucks were on duty flush and cleanse the blood-the blood on the highway and on the sides, until clean.

Meanwhile, a group of pilgrims to the District Military Command study led by Amir Biki. Kirajarak about 15 meters from the office of District Military Command, congregational recitation intercepted by the military to not go on, and that may go on only 3 of pilgrims led the study, of whom Amir Biki. Once the distance is approximately 7 meters of office District Military Command, led the congregational recitation 3 was sprayed with bullets coming out of the military automatic weapons are confronting. The three men led the pilgrims fell down floundered. Seeing the incident, the recitation of pilgrims waiting in the back while sitting, to panic and they stood up to run away, but was greeted by a bullet shot automatically. Dozens of worshipers recitation fell down into a martyr. According Yusron your memory, when he and the bodies were thrown into a military truck and 10-wheeler was, roughly 30-40 bodies in it, which is then brought to the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital (formerly Army Hospital).

Arriving at the hospital, the bodies were immediately taken to the morgue, including Yusron brother. In case of piles with the bodies in the morgue, Yusron brother yelling for help. EMTs came and lifted Yusron brother to be moved to another place.

Actually pilgrims massacre at Tanjung Priok recitation should not occur if PanglimaABRI / Commander Gen. LB Murdani Kopkamtib really want to try to prevent it, especially Kopkamtib parties who have often boasted to the media that it is capable of detecting an event as early and as early as possible. This is because on September 11, 1984, when I was examined by the Jakarta police Kingdom, I had a conversation with Colonel Ritonga Police, the Police Chief of Intel where he states that worshipers study in Tanjung Priok demanding the release of four of his colleagues were detained, due to burn out the motor officer. In fact, according to task force officers Intel Jaya, at the time I was arrested on 13 September 1984, stated that on September 12, 1984, approximately 10:00 in the morning. Amir Biki had come to the office of the Task Force Intel Jaya.

(Source: Bloody Books Tanjung Priok, Responsibility Who: Facts and Data set, Yogyakarta: Gema Insani Press via

requested for the share, this is an important event to motivate generations of Muslims to be more active in preaching, to command the good and forbid the evil, hopefully you sharean useful insha allah. aamiin ….


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